Small Business Forum

The objectives of the Small Business Forum are to:

  • To ensure the economic and social contribution of the small business sector in the Canberra Region is maximised for the benefit of institutions, business and the community.
  • Work with the ACT and Commonwealth Governments and key institutions to grow and promote the industry of small business in the Canberra Region.
  • Work with other sectors of the ACT business community which benefit from the growth of the small business sector.
  • Provide input to the ACT and Commonwealth Governments on small businesses and act as a conduit between business industry, institutions and the community.

It is anticipated that membership of the task force will represent, in approximately equal proportions:

  • Small businesses.
  • Businesses and corporations, engaging or wishing to engage, providing services and products or otherwise.
  • Other organisations and individuals with appropriate skills and commitment to assist in the achievement of the Key Objectives, including Government, research and educational institutions, financiers, and professional service organisations.