Future Workforce Taskforce

The Key Objectives of the Future Workforce Taskforce are to:

  • Develop strategies to link students graduating from Canberra’s educational institutions with business as a means of retaining talent in Canberra and addressing skills shortages and knowledge/expertise retention.
  • Explore opportunities to develop/removing barriers to and partnerships between institutions, business and the community.
  • Develop strategies to promote the utilisation of Skills Canberra programs and other funded initiatives to enhance capability and resilience of businesses.
  • Develop pilot projects that demonstrate leading practice for the integration of students and mature adults into the workforce.
  • Develop strategies to attract talent required by Canberra businesses from Australia or overseas.
  • Explore innovative ideas to support workforces of the future.

Taskforce membership will comprise organisations involved in secondary, vocational and tertiary educational institutions, government representation and industry.

 The Taskforce will establish sub-groups to work on specific topic areas as required.

The Taskforce will develop its work using the following framework:

  1. Short term pilot initiatives
  2. Medium and long term initiatives
  3. Ideas and options – ‘blue sky thinking’

The purpose of the framework is to focus on achieving early action through pilot initiatives while developing and informing medium to longer term ideas and solutions. Concurrently the explorations of alternatives and break through thinking that can inform possible future pilot initiatives.