Canberra Business Chamber is the leading private sector organisation focused on promoting the economic and business development of our region.

Canberra Business Chamber facilitates a number of working groups, which focus on issues of importance to business and the economy. They bring expertise drawn from Canberra Business Chamber members and the broader community and are frequently attended by Ministers and other key decision-makers.

All Canberra Business Chamber members are encouraged and welcome to participate in these groups. They play an important role in the development of our policies which, in turn, become the driving force behind the initiatives Canberra Business Chamber pursues to drive the diversification, strengthening and expansion of the Canberra Region’s economy.

If you are interested in participating on any of the Taskforces please contact on 02 62474199.

Future Workforce Taskforce

The Future Workforce Taskforce has been created to look holistically at the emerging workforce needs of the Canberra business community.  This includes the identification of the future workforce, skills shortages, upskilling existing workforces, attracting new employees to Canberra, pathways from education institution to workforce, retention and workforce engagement with diverse groups within the community.

Indigenous Business Advisory Council

The Indigenous Business Advisory Council is the Chamber’s newest Taskforce and details of the key objectives will be published soon.

International Business Taskforce

The International Business Taskforce focuses on encouraging Canberra import and export businesses to grow into overseas markets. The Taskforce conducts trade missions to help create connections with key business leaders and creates policies to facilitate increased import and export to and from Canberra.

Innovation Taskforce

The Innovation Taskforce focuses on bringing new and different ideas and solutions to solve problems and further development of Canberra. The Taskforce aims to shape Canberra into a smarter city by incorporating innovation across all areas of policy development to benefit business, industry and government.

Planning and Infrastructure Taskforce

The Planning and Infrastructure Taskforce focuses on developing the right planning and infrastructure for Canberra to give local businesses the right opportunities to grow. The Taskforce plans for the future of the city and maximises the benefits of proposed developments for locals. The policies developed encourages developments to choose local businesses first, and encourages interstate businesses to set up in Canberra.

Small Business Taskforce

The Small Business Taskforce focuses on developing policies which make it easier to start, maintain and sustain a small business in Canberra. The Taskforce concentrates on finding ways to make procurement easier, reduce red tape and reform taxes to make operating a small business more efficient.

Social Enterprise Taskforce

The Social Enterprise Taskforce represents the interests of businesses that work to drive profit and intentionally address social issues; improve communities; provide employment opportunities.  They use the power of the marketplace to solve the most pressing societal problems, allowing consumers to make every purchase count and contribute in a positive way to the community.

The Social Enterprise Taskforce is a place where likeminded businesses can connect, share and identify common issues with a focus on breaking down barriers to facilitate the growth in social enterprise businesses in Canberra and the region.

Sustainability Taskforce

The Sustainability Taskforce focuses on finding ways to make Canberra a more environmentally friendly and sustainable city. The Taskforce develops policies around waste recycling projects, food security issues, water usage and finding better ways of re-using waste. The Taskforce also develops new ideas for approaching sustainability.

Tourism Taskforce

The Tourism Taskforce in Canberra is one of the fastest growing sectors within the ACT economy. There is the potential for future growth – provided that the policy settings are favourable to support growth in a highly competitive international and domestic market.

The Chamber will advocate for policies that will improve international and national competitiveness; encourage private sector investment; develop Canberra’s product and invest in labour and skills and ensure awareness of Canberra Region visitor experience continues to grow.