In the lead up to this year’s ACT and Federal elections, Canberra Business Chamber will be calling on all parties to commit to working with the local community to achieve a diversified, modern economy driven by a confident and successful private sector.

Canberra Business Chamber today released Destination 2030, a roadmap for the Territory’s future that builds on its current strengths.

“An election year is always a time of promises and policy ideas,” Canberra Business Chamber Chair, Glenn Keys said. “This year we have both levels of government going to the polls and we want to make sure they get it right when it comes to initiatives for our city.

“By presenting this blueprint to all parties now, we are urging them to develop policy initiatives that will take us into the future and deliver on these goals.

“Governments can’t do this alone. The Canberra of 2030 we are proposing requires collaboration between governments, business, the community and individuals in order to create a region we will all be proud to live in.”

Destination 2030 was developed through comprehensive consultation with Chamber members and Kindred Organisations.

“These are the priorities the local business sector are telling us must be pursued to ensure Canberra continues to thrive and grows into the city we know it can be,” Mr Keys said.

The document released today outlines a vision for an ACT that is liveable, international, connected, agile and resilient.

The Chamber has developed the following landmarks to confirm we are on track to reach our objectives by 2030:

  • Creation of a Committee for Canberra to champion the city and region and advocate to support Canberra as a leading liveable city for all;
  • Support for infrastructure projects that generate economic growth and new business opportunities;
  • Develop and deliver an Asian Market strategy for trade, business and tourism;
  • Procure, build and operate the Australia Forum;
  • Collaboration to develop an inclusive region that supports all citizens, including vulnerable members of the community, to prosper;
  • Build Canberra’s status as a globally recognised city for business, trade and education; and
  • Upgrade transport infrastructure to deliver efficient and safe links within the region.

“Our region is already kicking goals, but this is about what we can do together over the next 15 years to leverage off our assets and continue to evolve and mature. It will help us plan and stay on track as we move forward,” Mr Keys said.