Advocacy Priorities

Canberra Business Chamber is focused on effective advocacy and leading the discussion about issues that impact ACT business now and into the future. 

With an election approaching, our 2020 policy platform will identify the key issues raised by members, and provide a structure that supports our policy solutions and advocacy. 

Through regular member engagement, we’ve defined four priority areas and key issues for action in each area. 

  • Economic growth and diversity
    • A future infrastructure implementation strategy that incentivises private sector investment over the long term. 
    • Investment in both City Centre Renewal and local trading precincts. 
    • A plan for a balanced or surplus ACT budget
  • Skills and workforce:
    • A workforce plan and skills strategy for the ACT and Capital Region developed in partnership with the business community.
  • Regulation and taxation
    • Urgent review and restructure of the commercial rates regime, in consultation with the business community. 
    • Review the operations, oversight and certification of the Secure Local Jobs Code. 
    • One Minister with responsibility for business and a mandate to advocate for the business community. 
    • Reduce the number of ministerial portfolios impacting business from the current 37.
  • Business and transition support
    • Business advisory service for all small businesses. 
    • Support for transition to new Climate Change policies, ensuring the ability of ACT businesses to compete isn’t compromised. 

Read our 2020 Pre-Budget Submission for more details on our policy priorities

Member survey

In February 2020, we asked our members to complete a short survey and provide feedback on our advocacy priorities and policy development. You can read our media release here.