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9 November 2016

ACT Community Comes out in Support of Light Rail

With uncertainty regarding light rail lifted in the wake of the ACT election, Canberra businesses should pursue opportunities with confidence, according to the Canberra Business Chamber.

Canberra Business Chamber CEO, Robyn Hendry said the role of the Chamber and its Light Rail Business Link Program is to ensure local businesses are aware of what is coming up the pipeline and have every opportunity to secure work.

“Light Rail Business Link is a pioneering program we are delivering in partnership with the ACT Government,” Ms Hendry said.

“It is about helping Canberra Metro meet its local industry targets and enabling local business to take full advantage of the expenditure and investment.”

“Light rail offers a diverse opportunity for businesses of all scales and types. While it may seem light rail construction is purely about transport and tracks, really we are building a legacy for the city. It’s a chance to develop great capacity in Canberra, capacity that will help businesses expand and export in the future.”

Canberra Metro kicking local employment goals

Since it was awarded the Canberra Light Rail Stage One, Canberra Metro has stated its commitment to source as much of its suppliers and labour from the local market as reasonably possible.

According to latest figures, Canberra Metro is striving to keep investment in the Canberra Region. Seventy per cent of people directly employed through the consortium are from our community and the total workforce consists of 75 per cent of ACT workers.

The large bulk of light rail packages are now out or will be released over the coming months. Businesses should stay informed on potential opportunities for them to participate in this major infrastructure project.

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Commercial terms and safety covered at session


L-R: Peter Middleton (Woden Contractors), Glenn Hobbs (Hindmarsh Construction), Jason Grieves (MBA ACT), Martin Pugh (Canberra Metro)

The Master Builders ACT and the Canberra Business Chamber Light Rail Business Link program hosted an information session on 2 November 2016 to provide advice to potential light rail subcontractors.

The well-attended session helped local businesses who are considering light rail opportunities understand the terms and safety requirements of a subcontract arrangement.

“We feel very strongly that any business involved or thinking about participating in light rail needs to be as informed as possible to ensure they get the most from this project”, Light Rail Business Link Program Director, Lisa Morisset said.

“We congratulate the MBA for putting this event on with us.

“Light rail construction and operation can help local businesses expand and increase their capacity. This information session was one of a series the Light Rail Business Link program offers, all designed to arm business with knowledge to ensure they are best placed to capitalise on these opportunities.”