Abolition of 457 visas

Abolition of 457 visas

Abolition of 457 Visas

It was announced on 18 April 2017, that from March 2018 Temporary Work (Skilled) visas (subclass 457 visas) will be replaced with Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visas.

This new visa will be made up two streams – a Short-Term stream with a maximum of two years and a Medium-Term stream with a maximum of four years which will only be issued for critical skill shortages. The new visas are intended to address genuine skill shortages while also safeguarding the rights of Australian workers. Under the new visas, the occupation lists will be condensed from 651 occupations to 435 occupations. Of the 200 odd jobs that have been cut from the new temporary skills visa program the majority have been cut from STEM fields, the Arts, and business professionals.

Both streams will be subject to mandatory labour market testing including compulsory criminal history checks, a non-discriminatory workforce test, a requirement of at least two years of work experience and a market salary rate assessment. There will also be more stringent requirements for employers to contribute to training and educational initiatives of Australian workers, though the details surrounding these arrangements have not yet been released.

Details on the transition arrangements and the new visas can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Website:


The government’s media release on the new changes can be found here:


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If members have any queries about how these changes will specifically affect them, please don’t hesitate to contact the Workplace Relations Hotline on 1300 277 881 or wradvice@canberrabusiness.com.

26 April 2017

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