ACT needs more than one One of a Kind

One of a Kind Director, Stuart Forsyth

A local accommodation provider has brought a new kind of serviced apartment to Canberra, creating a sustainable, ‘eco-chic’ home away from home for visitors.

The first One of a Kind Apartments are located just off Northbourne Avenue in Dickson. One of a Kind Apartments offer environmentally-friendly, award winning serviced apartments in Canberra, unlike any other.

The apartments are family owned and run, and designed to provide a distinctive, urban eco-tourist experience for guests visiting Canberra.

One of a Kind Director, Stuart Forsyth says the environmental credentials of the accommodation have helped make them popular with international tourists.

“Because we are different, we have quite a following online and through social media. Many travellers are specifically looking for a unique experience, and we give them that. There is an enormous appetite for businesses that do something different and do it well,” Mr Forsyth explained.

Each of the seven apartments are spacious, generously appointed and can comfortably accommodate both individual travellers and family groups alike, and are perfect for a business or pleasure stay. There is art throughout the complex and each apartment is individually and stylishly furnished.

“Sustainability was core to every decision we made when building the apartments, from energy and water efficiency to material choices like glazing, cladding and floor covering,” Mr Forsyth said. “We were committed to innovative design, construction and finishes.”

The result is One of a Kind being the first apartment complex in the ACT to achieve an EER of eight.

One of a Kind opened three years ago and its occupancy has continued to grow as it has become established.

Light rail construction has provided new potential guests for Canberra accommodation providers and a number have chosen to lay down their head at One of a Kind.

“Because the apartments have kitchens and other amenities, like a laundry, they are perfect for people coming to Canberra for an extended stay, for example some of our recent guests have included technical experts from overseas or interstate who have come to Canberra to work on the light rail project.”

New arrivals at One of a Kind get outstanding service. Before they arrive, they are asked what foods they like and will find this, along with all the basics, in their well-stocked fridge and pantry.

Keyless keypad entry allows guests to arrive at any hour and provides absolute security with a minimum of fuss.

The One of a Kind group is now turning its minds to their next accommodation project. Mr Forsyth said they are interested in establishing another accommodation offering and building on all they have learned to make it even more innovative and sustainable.

While light rail has already brought custom to his business, Mr Forsyth believes there will long-term benefits of light rail for the entire accommodation sector.

“When people visit somewhere overseas, or even interstate, they want to be able to easily get around. Public transport, like light rail, will help people move more easily around Canberra and I believe this will increase the number of people choosing to visit our city and region.

“You have to remember, that many people around the world live in cities where they don’t drive and have never learnt to do so. So visiting a city where you are likely to need to hire a car and drive in order to visit sites is not only unattractive, but actually not possible for them.

“Having a transport system that will help tourists move around will improve their experience and increase the likelihood of them recommending Canberra to others.”

With One of a Kind apartments located very close to the light rail corridor, it is in the heart of the construction. “Whenever there is change there is going to be some disruption,” Mr Forsyth said. “The trick is to manage the disruption as well as possible to minimise impacts. Our experience with light rail to date has been that the change is being managed very well.”

8 February 2017

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