Get on Suppliers List to make sure you don’t miss out


19 April 2016

The Light Rail Business Link Program is working to connect potential local suppliers with the consortium constructing Stage 1 of the ACT’s light rail system.

It is currently developing a Suppliers Guide. When it is completed, the guide will include information imperative to local businesses such as information about the project; what goods, works and services are going to be purchased over the life of the project; and how to access opportunities when they arise.

Businesses on the Suppliers List will also be kept abreast of training and information activities. Workshops will be held on topics including: writing tenders; ensuring ‘fitness to supply; managing risk; and winning business.

“We are asking people to sign up to our Suppliers List,” Mr Maguire said. “Through the information they provide, we can organise them based on the types of goods and services they can provide to the project.

“What we want to avoid is businesses belatedly hearing about tenders they think they could have secured if only they had known to be checking that website or reading the newspaper on a certain day of the week,” Mr Maguire explained.

The Business Link Program will work collaboratively with Canberra Metro to ensure local Canberra suppliers have access to these world-class opportunities. Canberra Business Chamber will develop the capacity of local businesses so that they can play a role in this project. We will also be striving to ensure that when opportunities arise for one sector, such as civil works firms, ACT businesses are informed and involved.

If you have questions about the Light Rail  project, need business support, or wish to understand how you may be involved, please complete our online form.