Become a member and join a dynamic network of individuals and businesses

How We Help

We connect businesses – to each other and to Government

We influence policy outcomes through advocacy with the help of our Taskforces

We provide specialist services to the business community

We invest in the growth of Canberra

Whether you are a new business, looking to grow or a large business, we have a range of benefits, connections and services to help you on your journey.

Membership with Canberra Business Chamber gives Canberra and regional businesses the opportunity to connect, grow your business (locally and internationally), learn from others, be successful and have a voice with government.

As a Chamber, we want to see Canberra and the region thrive and our member’s businesses thrive along with it.

Membership Types


Business level membership provides businesses of all sizes opportunity to grow through networking, formal events and access to training programs as well as member-pricing for both paid events and training workshops.


Corporate membership provides an elevated level of engagement and networking opportunities with other businesses like your own as well as with government officials.


Principal membership provides a superior level of membership and branding opportunities. This allows your business to be closely aligned with the Chamber and recognised as a leader within the Canberra region.


We recognise our Kindred members as a specialised group of associations and not-for-profits with their own unique needs as businesses. Our Kindred Membership provides opportunities to connect with similar organisations.


Micro Business membership provides businesses of one or two people the opportunity to connect and grow their professional networks and client or customer bases through networking and training.


Additional support from our Workplace Relations team is also available to our members. This option allows you to purchase unlimited calls to the Workplace Relations hotline.