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Brand CBR

Canberra Business Chamber (CBC) is working closely with the ACT Government to promote Canberra as a vibrant place to live, work, visit, learn and invest. Having a powerful brand will help us do that.

The Brand Canberra program is all about helping people and businesses to better understand and connect with Canberra. Our objectives are to increase national and global awareness of Canberra and our region, create a positive reputation and differentiate Canberra from other cities and regions.

There are variety of ways in which businesses can get involved with the CBR brand. You can use the logo in your own marketing and share pictures and stories about the Canberra region using the hashtags #WEARECBR and #CBR.

The Brand Canberra Program also has a number of assets that are available to businesses and can help you explain all the Canberra Region has to offer. These include:

  • Welcome to Canberra video showcasing the world’s most liveable region;
  • Brilliant Possibilities video that positions Canberra as Australia’s premier business events destination
  • Welcome to Canberra booklet full of photos of our region and a summary of important facts about the ACT’s economy, population, easy access to markets, and business and investment opportunities.
  • Badges and lanyards are also available to people travelling to tradeshows, conferences or on business trips.

These assets are designed to help people promote their own business, our city and region and the CBR brand.

"Canberra is a growing city and our society is one of the most innovative, best educated and dynamic in Australia."

Brand CBR News

Canberra in Wellington Week Business Program

Business Program: Canberra in Wellington Week (CWW) Sun 19 to Wed 22 November 2017 Canberra in Wellington Week (CWW) initiative is being led by the ACT Chief Minister, Mr Andrew Barr with the development of the program being jointly coordinated across agencies within the ACT Government and Canberra Business Chamber. Canberra’s International Engagement Strategy 2016 recognises … Continue reading Canberra in Wellington Week Business Program

Lonely Planet agrees—Canberra packs a big punch for such a small city

The Canberra Business Chamber is thrilled that Canberra has been recognised as third in the world’s Top 10 Cities to visit in 2018. The Lonely Planet acknowledgment is a true reflection of the concentrated, collaborative efforts and investment that our city has experienced over the past few years. A new found level of sophistication has … Continue reading Lonely Planet agrees—Canberra packs a big punch for such a small city

ACT Economy Taking Off

By the time you are reading this column, Canberra will have just finished its second annual CBR 31 Days, a program of events designed to encourage visitors and locals to explore our city and take part in some of the many activities on offer. March in Canberra presents a catalogue of different experiences for locals … Continue reading ACT Economy Taking Off

Show you’re a local with the We Are CBR brand

Canberra is a city full of brilliant possibilities. For those of us lucky enough to live here, it comes as no surprise that Canberra is ranked as the world’s most liveable city and region. Our city has something for everyone and we enjoy a quality of life incomparable to anywhere else. The CBR brand for … Continue reading Show you’re a local with the We Are CBR brand

Take a look at the new has been redeveloped to tell a personal and engaging story about Canberra and our city’s credentials as a place to live, work, do business and learn.  The website uses a continual stream of blogs, case studies, social content and video to position Canberra as an innovative and dynamic city and region. is designed … Continue reading Take a look at the new

Pulling Together to Build Canberra’s Brand

Anyone who has holidayed to a popular tourist destination or event will have invariably come across a situation that led to them asking a question along the lines of ‘what are they thinking?’. You may have heard this utterance if you are down the South Coast for a long weekend and find the restaurant or … Continue reading Pulling Together to Build Canberra’s Brand

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