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What’s on in the National Capital over January 2015

What’s on in the National Capital over January 2015

Canberra will be a tourism hotspot during January 2015 Our visitors need to experience a vibrant city 7 days a week: shops, cafes, restaurants and clubs open, taxis and buses in abundance, all with friendly and welcoming staff Canberra is hosting a plethora of events during January, it provides a great opportunity to provide an unforgettable visitor experience

Time for business to take leadership on convention centre

"The real game-changers for Canberra and the region will be international flights to the airport, a very fast rail link [to Melbourne and Sydney] and a convention centre to draw people to Canberra and position the city," Ms Faulks told The Canberra Times.

Canberra Business Chamber has launched

Welcome to the future of Canberra Business. On 13 November, Canberra Business Chamber launched at Hotel Realm at their Inaugural Gala Dinner...


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